About Us

Welcome to MB 365 Sports. With having children of our own and involved in sports, we realized that Punxsutawney was missing a place for athletes to practice 365. We wanted to provide that to the area and so the journey and ideas began to flow. We are super excited to announce the new facility opening in 2022.

Our Vision

  • Creating the best indoor baseball & softball facility in the Greater Punxsutawney Area.
  • In 5 – 10 years we would love to see more young athletes reach their dreams of playing baseball & softball at a higher level.
  • Private Coaching & Practice
  • Team Meetings

Our Mission

  • Provide athletes with a place to be active, safe, and grow
  • Create a family friendly environment in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pa.
  • Grow the sport of baseball and softball in the Greater Punxsutawney Area.
  • Provide the best indoor facility in the area.